The energy needs of cities and towns across Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado are growing. However, preserving the health of the area’s rivers, streams, and wetlands while laying new pipeline is also a growing concern, particularly in the vast stretches of undeveloped wilderness that characterize the beautiful West.

Why Melgaard Construction?

At Melgaard Construction, we’re convinced that environmental responsibility doesn’t have to come at the high cost of energy deficiency or the soaring prices associated with your project. We’re committed to protecting our area’s water systems and other natural resources through responsible erosion control and reclamation processes, which minimize our short-term and long-term impact on the region surrounding any project.

Erosion Control

Melgaard Construction follows all government regulations regarding the protection of these water bodies through temporary barriers and seeding during construction and permanent grading and seeding after development to return the surrounding landscape to its original contours. Whether your project requires a conscientious full-service construction crew or a dedicated team focused on erosion management, Melgaard Construction is your best solution anywhere in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, or Colorado.

Temporary Erosion Measures We Utilize Include

Silt Fences & Sediment Basins
A lightweight fence made of filter fabric is stretched along the perimeter of the construction area to encourage water pooling, which causes sediment to settle at the fence instead of continuing downhill. In areas where the fabric itself is insufficient, we may also reinforce it with a wire mesh fence. This acts as the first line of defense against erosion and is commonly used in conjunction with a sediment basin, which is a significant pooling area where stormwater can be held long enough for most of the sediment to settle out, while the remainder is trapped by the silt fence.

Interceptor Dikes and Trench Breakers
In the mountains and foothills of Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado, silt fences are often insufficient or ineffective. In these cases, they are replaced or supplemented with interceptor dikes, which are walls made of earth and rock or earth-filled bags. They are often used in conjunction with trench breakers, which are similar barriers created from pockets of land that prevent water from running out of the trench.

Diversion Ditches
Diversion ditches direct water into natural drainage channels and are often used near the top of a slope to prevent erosion and sedimentation into downhill areas.

Temporary Down Drains
When the right of way crosses a steep drainage path, severe erosion can take place if the water cannot continue along its natural course, resulting in severe sedimentation of the water downhill. In these cases, Melgaard Construction installs a drain line to redirect the entire water flow into a temporary basin lined with riprap.

Mulching, Netting, & Stone
Where necessary, Melgaard Construction supplies and lays mulch, biodegradable netting, and riprap to prevent soil erosion anywhere along the right of way. Leaving the environment surrounding the right of way as close to its original state as possible is a high priority, and every possible method is employed to ensure minimal disturbance.

Reclamation & Revegetation

If a construction site is to be left untouched for more than three months or a pile of soil left mounded for more than one month, Melgaard Construction practices reclamation with your spec of seed. After construction is complete and the land is degraded, a more rigorous seeding and revegetation strategy are employed. Mechanical erosion prevention methods, such as interceptor dikes, silt fences, and riprap are either maintained from the original construction site or newly constructed to prevent erosion while the vegetation grows. Plant species native to the area are planted and additional mulching is used where necessary. Our crews continue to monitor the area until the vegetation has regrown.

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Melgaard Construction takes erosion control and environmental responsibility seriously. They pride themselves on thoughtful and practical solutions that meet all federal, state, local, and common-sense guidelines for pipeline constructions anywhere within Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, or Colorado. If you’re looking for a construction team with a proven record of environmental responsibility, give Melgaard Construction a call today at (307) 687-1600.


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