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About Melgaard Construction

Melgaard Construction is a heavy construction and pipeline company headquartered in Gillette, WY, with branch offices in Williston, ND. Founded in 1987, we have successfully provided high quality and sound solutions to construction, pipeline and reclamation demands. Our highly qualified and motivated staff has a diverse work experience accumulated from several decades in the business. Over the years, we have attained exceptionally qualified personnel, all having a variety of work environments encompassing the oil and natural gas fields, coal, and metal/non-metal open pit mining operations.

Our services have primarily been located in, but are not limited to, the Powder River Basin, Big Horn Basin, Williston Basin, and the Piceance Basin in Colorado, Melgaard Construction’s extensive fleet of equipment and skilled employees allow us to adapt to your location needs.


Serving the Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana & Colorado Areas


Our Mission

To be a good and faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on All who come in contact with our Company. So that, we will thrive wherever we go.


Our Standards



Melgaard Construction is committed to pursuing excellence every day by operating with integrity and respect for our clients and employees.

We are well known for setting the standard in our industry for safety, service, quality and efficiency in all our operations.

We walk our talk without excuses. We are known for long-standing principles of fairness and honesty.


Safety Is our Core Value

As a result of doing business with an array of private, public, and governmental entities, we are comfortable and compliant with the necessary standards of a project. We have developed and maintained a comprehensive Safety Program, which has fostered a positive culture of safety within the workplace among our employees. We take pride in our employees and we will steadily work to ensure that they remain safe and healthy throughout their association with Melgaard Construction.

Melgaard Construction recognizes the value of constant attention to our commitment to safety, thus ensuring the well being of each employee, our many clients, and their personnel. In addition, we provide safety to the other members of the communities whom we may be involved with during a project. Before every project is started, we create and establish a safety management plan specific to the task. Knowing how to transport materials and equipment to the job site on public roads is crucial so that everyone surrounded is guaranteed their safety. Considering severe weather conditions and possible hazardous work conditions is part of our well thought out plan. We understand that every incident is preventable. If it's not safe, we won't do it.

At Melgaard Construction we believe that if there is excellence in safety, there is excellence in business. We not only make it a priority to achieve the highest level of excellence through our work, but we do it safely. We look forward to servicing our customers with professional, safe, and quality workmanship. If you have any questions or need further information, estimates, or assistance planning your projects, feel free to contact one of our representatives.


Our Products We Sell


Our comprehensive Service Lines

In addition to our excellent reputation, Melgaard Construction also provides one of the most comprehensive arrays of services in the tri-state area. We save oil and gas companies time and money by handling the entire construction project. There is no need to balance dozens of contracting companies, each with a different specialty. When you hire Melgaard Construction, you can avoid breakdowns in communication, the complications of multiple contracts, time-consuming negotiations, and differences in quality and safety expectations.

In addition, Melgaard Construction is known for its commitment to safety. We pride ourselves on striving for an accident-free workplace and always take the extra effort to avoid incidents that are costly both regarding human cost and financial expenses.

This commitment to safety is also reflected in the way we design and execute new construction. Whether your right-of-way passes through an open plain, a sensitive water body, or a dense urban area, we have the means to safely and efficiently plan for construction, in a way that minimizes the disturbances on the surrounding areas both now and for decades into the future.



Oil & Gas Services

Melgaard Construction is proud to have supported the oil & gas industries for over 30 years with remarkable construction services that span every need of a construction project from conception to completion.

Melgaard’s reputation for excellence and leadership in the oil and gas industry has resulted in hundreds of miles of construction throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. We believe in doing everything right the first time, and this commitment shows in everything we accomplish.


Construction Services

Melgaard Construction has a solid foundation in providing the best civil construction services tailored to meet each customer’s unique mission requirements. With a long history of successful construction projects throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana and Colorado our company is adept at performing in a wide range of environmental conditions and safely executing all work in strict compliance with unique projects.

Our services include Engineering, Heavy Construction, Road Construction, Pad Construction, Water & Sewer, Vegetation Clearing, Underground Utility, Cut and Fill for Specific Grade, Removal of Unsuitable Materials, Rough and Fine Grade for Construction Pads, Compaction and Hydro/Vac.


Aggregate Mining

Melgaard Construction is proud to own and operate our mines and quarries for the benefit of our construction projects as well as those of other construction companies throughout the tri-state area who need high-quality aggregate.

Scorialimestone aggregate, and gravel are among some of the most-consumed raw materials in construction projects ranging from highways to wind farms and from interstate pipelines to local facilities. Our mines produce all three to our customer’s exact specifications in the quantities needed to ensure all projects are finished on time and on budget.

Operating our own mines means tailoring our aggregate production process to precisely meet our needs as well as our customer’s needs. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can ensure raw materials are always available at any location throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana. Cutting out the middleman and reducing the number of contracts needed for the project meets a streamlined process and quality-control through every step.


Our Leadership Team

Sara Davis

John Melgaard Jr.
President / CEO


Donald Davis

Donita Munn
Office Manager / WY

Catherine Aiko

Trey McCurley

Mary Amirpour

Chris Fare
Environmental Manager

Catherine Martinez

Burton Adler
GM of Operations / WY

Carlos Scott

Ron Svalina
Trucking Dispatch Manager

Jacqueline James

Eric Stryker
Maintenance Manager


Rob Peterson
Business Development


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