Before any land development can take place, all vegetation needs to be cleared from the site. Whether an existing structure is being torn down or a new location for construction needs to be prepared, clearing the vegetation is critical.

What is Vegetation Clearing?

Clearing, stripping, and grubbing the vegetation is not as simple of a task as it seems. Clearing refers to the removal of all the vegetation. Stripping is the removal and disposal of unwanted topsoil and sod. Grubbing, on the other hand, is when the roots that are often in the soil are taken out. This process includes ridding the area of all logs, brush, and debris. If stumps are found, they need to be removed or ground down. The list of machinery used to clear and grub the vegetation correctly is extensive. Some of them include bulldozers, scrapers, dump trucks, and reclaimers.

Land Clearing Methods

Pushover Method
Relies on significant construction company equipment. In this method, trees are pushed over and hauled off with the roots intact.

Cut and Grind Method
Trees are cut down, and then the leftover stumps are ground down.

Burning Method
This is the most dangerous method. It involves starting a controlled fire and maintaining it until are trees and vegetation is burned to the ground.

Our Experience = Your Advantage

A trusted construction company needs to be selected for this step of the construction process because they need to be experienced in accounting for underground utilities, overhead wires, and erosion control. At Melgaard Construction, we are knowledgeable about all of these factors plus additional minor elements that aren't usually focused on but can create damage if not handled properly. Contact us today (307) 687-1600 and we would be honored to help you in the vegetation clearing, stripping, and grubbing area.


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