Every road leads to a new destination and we have construction companies all over the world to thank for that. Whether the road is made up of asphalt or concrete, there is a crew of excellent people moving the process along. For the pavement structure to be stable, there needs to be a beginning base layer all the way to a leveled surface.

The Process of New Road Construction

Construction of Base Layers
As the foundation, the base layer of a road is often considered the most critical part. The number of additives that can be used to alter the function of the road is endless. For example, areas that are prone to cold weather often have a frost blanket added to the base. This blanket is usually composed of gravel and sand. In order for the pavement to be operating at full efficiency, the base needs to meet specific criteria. It has to be able to withhold massive capacities so that any weight of vehicles are able to drive on top of it. The base layers have to be able to endure any climate change that the road may encounter. Lastly, the construction company needs to know how to build a road with a base that can function for decades as though it was just created. Melgaard Construction adds their unique touch to make the roads last longer than any other construction company they are compared to.

Asphalt Paving
Melgaard Construction is known for laying asphalt pavement seamlessly. Two crucial factors in a paving operation are exporting the material in a continuous flow and correctly setting up the machinery. Before the process can even begin, all paving units are heated which reduces the amount of mix that sticks to the machines. The paving width and speed need to be established based on the job location and type.

Asphalt Compaction
Rollers are referred to as the machinery that is used to compact substances. It is crucial that the machinery maintains a steady speed and never comes to a stop or else the pavement will be damaged. In order to prevent this from occurring, the rollers are checked to make sure that they are clean, they have the right amount of engine oil and gas, and the water tank is full for the drum spray system. Increasing temperatures of the paved mix make the compaction more effective. The heat that should be used depends on the type of composition mix, the binder used, and the thickness of the pavement.

Concrete Paving
The first step in the process of concrete paving is the unloading of concrete by trucks in front of the paver. A paver, known as the slipform paver spreads the concrete over the full profile of the pavement which starts creating the roadway. Inside the slipform, vibrating occurs at high frequency and water is forced onto the concrete compacting it. Finishing beams and super-smoothers are then used to level the roadway. The required grip is produced during this stage. The concrete is then cured. After the concrete is entirely paved, specific shapes can be made such as traffic barriers and curbs.

Why Melgaard Construction?

Melgaard Construction considers all of the essential criteria, is knowledgeable about which methods should be applied, and knows what machinery needs to be used. Because of these three factors, we are a perfect option for all of your road construction needs. Call us today at (307) 687-1600 regarding any questions about how we can help you.



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