Limestone is an important source of construction aggregate due to its strength, versatility, and low thermal expansion. At Melgaard Construction, we operate limestone quarries to perform our own crushing and grading to achieve the ideal aggregate mix in the quantity required for all our projects. This assures a steady supply of raw materials and a project that moves forward on time and on budget. In addition to providing for our own needs, we also produce surplus aggregate that we provide to construction projects anywhere in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

The Benefits of a Reliable Limestone Aggregate Source

The availability of local limestone varies significantly throughout the region. Small deposits naturally occur in parts of Wyoming but are not available at all within the state of North Dakota. One of the benefits here at Melgaard Construction is we possess our own limestone mines, where we can produce, grade, and transport aggregate to any of our construction sites without the need for third-party sources or intermediaries. This keeps the cost of production low and the projects running on-schedule.

Another benefit of our limestone operations is our agility to produce aggregate in bulk and of different grades. Since all our aggregate is crushed and graded in-house, we can quickly and easily ramp up production of a grade or group of grades per our current project requirements. This ensures that we are never short-handed and that you never settle for second-best.

Limestone in Construction


Limestone is extremely versatile due to its unique characteristics, particularly when compared to other locally-available aggregates, such as clinker (“scoria”) and alluvial gravel. Specifically, limestone aggregates are desirable because they:

  • Combine strength and usability – limestone is much more durable than scoria but easier to cut than silica-rich alluvial gravel.

  • Create a superior concrete – limestone bonds more tightly to the cement and is lighter-weight than gravel.

  • Encourage proper drainage – limestone’s permeability allows water to maintain its natural course while discouraging erosion.

  • Have a low to non-existent silica content – this reduces the risk of an alkali-silica reaction.

  • Have a relatively low rate of thermal expansion – limestone’s resistance to expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature help it resist cracking and crumbling.

Construction Projects That Use Limestone

Concrete Production
Crushed rock is an essential component of concrete. While either gravel or limestone may be employed, limestone produces a stronger concrete that is less prone to expansion and that resists the chemical reactions that can sometimes occur with silica-based gravel that causes the concrete to fracture.

Asphalt Production
Hydrated lime – which is a powdery byproduct of limestone mixed with water – is an essential addition to asphalt, which can help reduce cracking and stripping, either when used alone or in combination with other chemicals.

Road Construction
Limestone aggregate is often used as a road base, due to its strength and durability. It is equally useful when constructing significant highways and minor access roads.

New Construction
Limestone aggregate is used as a rock filler under concrete slabs that form the foundation for homes, businesses, utilities, bridges, and almost every other type of infrastructure.

Erosion Control
Large grades of limestone can be used as riprap along river/stream/drainage/road edges to prevent erosion and other forms of aggregate. This helps promote proper drainage while minimizing the loss of soil or infrastructure.

Soil Stabilization
Lime helps stabilize poor soils by adding strength and reducing plasticity and soil swell. It can be used as temporary stabilization to strengthen the soil for construction vehicles during construction or as a long-term solution to weak and clay-rich Earth.

Our Experience = Your Advantage

Because of the strong demand for limestone, Melgaard Construction not only provides for our own aggregate needs but also serves as a source for other area construction companies. If you’re in production and need a reliable source for limestone of any grade, give us a call at (307) 687-1600. Likewise, if you are considering a construction project and are looking for a construction company that has the knowledge, experience, and raw materials to get the job done right, efficiently, and in an affordable manner, Melgaard Construction is your best option in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, or Colorado. Give us a call for more information.