Pad foundations are usually shallow foundations that transfer weight bearing loads. The load is spread by the pad and then to the layer of soil or rock below. This type of foundation is composed of either square, rectangular, or circular ‘pads’ which help stabilize and support structures such as columns or frames. The shape is determined by taking into consideration the placing of the columns and how much space is available for construction. Sizing of the pads depends on the load of the structure that needs to be transferred along with how much weight the soil can bear. Sometimes a slope is necessary where the pad is thicker in the center and thinner on the edges.

Factors Affecting Pad Foundations

  • Accessibility

  • The condition of the subsurface

  • The magnitude of the load being transferred

  • The proximity of other structures

  • Water table depth

Types of Pad Foundation

Plain concrete
These are pad foundations that don’t incorporate reinforcement and are used for light loads. This is the most economical option.

Reinforced concrete
The additional reinforcement that is offered allows for wide but shallow pad foundations. It also reduces the thickness that is required for the foundation.

Combined column foundations
Two pad foundations are merged into a longer one which is most often used when an outer column is close to a site boundary or wall.

Continuous pad
This is when various pad foundations are put together in order to support closely spaced columns.

Pad and ground beam
This is similar to a continuous pad but differs in the sense that ground beams connect the isolated pads.

Why Melgaard Construction?

Pad foundations are one of the most common and economic foundation systems with it tending to be the simplest and cheapest foundation. Melgaard Construction can decide whether your soil is relatively healthy and the column loads are light enough. Contact us at (307) 687-1600 if you would like to get started with pad construction today.



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