Hauling and transportation can be one of the most significant logistical challenges facing oil and gas construction today. How does the pipe reach the laydown yard? How does it get staged along the right of way (ROW)? How can the enormous quantities of dirt and aggregate that are needed during nearly every stage of construction be safely and efficiently delivered to the site? Then once the project is complete, how can you haul the excess away? The answer is quite simple, we strategically place infrastructure to reduce milage and exposure.

Melgaard Construction has not only been providing answers to all these questions for nearly 30 years, but solving these challenges with remarkable efficiency, safety, and skill. We specialize in providing complete hauling and transportation solutions for oil and gas construction projects throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

Melgaard's Commitment to Safety

Melgaard Construction’s commitment to safety is top shelf. When loading, unloading, and transporting heavy loads, our team members are conscious of safety above all else. We use our heavy equipment and trucks with care and concern for those around us, along with strict adherence to all state and federal guidelines. Even one accident on the job is too many, and we strive for perfection in ensuring the safety of operating in, on, and around our project sites. When you hire Melgaard Construction, you can be assured that your project remains accident-free.

Pipe Transportation

Melgaard’s construction team is responsible for transporting pipe and other materials to the laydown yard and from there, staging the pipe along the right of way (ROW). At Melgaard Construction, we have the equipment and personnel to provide pipe hauling and staging in the most efficient and safety-conscious way possible, ensuring everyone on the construction crew can begin work on-schedule.

Construction In The Oilfield

When grading the ROW and creating the access roads and other infrastructure needed to lay the pipe, many tons of dirt needs to be moved each day, and additional aggregate may need to be brought to the site. Melgaard Construction can handle all of your hauling and transportation needs throughout this process so that the foundation can be laid for the rest of the construction to take place.

Aggregate Transportation

Gravel, sand, fill dirt, and topsoil are essential parts of many construction projects. We help transport these types of aggregate and more to ensure supplies are always available to every team working on the project. We also haul away aggregate as needed during the cleanup, grading, and reclamation process.

Why Melgaard Construction?

As our customer, you will feel at ease while Melgaard is completing your hauling and transportation needs. We provide complete hauling and transportation solutions for projects of every scope throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. For more information or to discuss your project, call us at (307) 687-1600.



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