Melgaard Construction has a reputation for completing and succeeding at the most unique/challenging water and sewer projects. Because of our expertise in the construction of water and sewer facilities, we are able to understand the water needs in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. We ensure the delivery of high-quality portable water for consumption and the efficient collection of sewage for transport. 

Water Supply Infrastructure

Infrastructure for water supply is anything that is built in order to pump, divert, treat, store, transport, and deliver safe drinking water. The possible structures include:

  • Groundwater wells
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Storage Tanks
  • Surface-water intakes
  • Pipes
  • Aqueducts
  • Drinking-water facilities

Because water infrastructures age, Melgaard Construction adds their unique touch that improves the overall lifespan. We also make sure that the quality is outstanding so that the structures can perform the tasks that they are intended for.

Sewer Construction

Sewers are costly to construct, and if they aren't built correctly, the outcome can be destructive and horrifying. Melgaard Construction has the knowledge to not only prevent mistakes from happening but produce sewer systems that won’t fail. To make sure of this, after the construction is complete, each sewer is tested either using air or water. Melgaard Construction also specializes in repairing and replacing sewer pipes that are failing or at risk of failing. Because we know the damage that can be caused if sewers aren't built correctly, we make it a priority to prevent and remedy this problem.

Over 30 Years Of Excellence

Our goal is to meet the water and wastewater treatment needs in communities of Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado in the most efficient and cost-effectively manner as possible. We combine our knowledge, determination, and the full range of technology/equipment resources to achieve this. Contact us today at (307) 687-1600 to further discuss how we can help you.


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