Engineering & Quality Control for Oil & Gas Pipelines

Long before pipeline construction can take place, engineers must take the lead in pipeline design, right-of-way surveys, location selection for facilities, and much more. You may think of this stage as laying the blueprint for the pipeline and the engineers as the primary architects for the project. Once the project has begun, engineers must then take on a quality control role, ensuring that each stage of the project is performed to spec and that any changes that need to be made are made according to sound design and safety principles.

Melgaard Construction is proud to provide pipeline engineering for Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. Our engineers are experienced in every stage of pipeline construction, including design, operations, inspection, facilities, and more. Our 30 years experience and quality-consciousness on every project make us leaders in the industry, with hundreds of miles of pipeline laid.

Design Engineering

Long before construction begins, our civil engineers start by evaluating every aspect of the project, from the oil and gas fields themselves to the proposed right-of-way, to the current and future needs of the communities that the pipeline will serve. The pipeline design, type, number, placement of the facilities, and the trenching that will need to take place are all decided wholly or in part our engineers.

Corrosion & Integrity Engineering

The unique climate, geography, and usage of the land along the right-of-way must be taken into account when deciding how to combat pipeline corrosion. Our engineers survey the proposed right-of-way and make plans based on personal observation and years of accumulated scientific data to determine the best ways to combat erosion. This often varies from location to location. In many situations, using coated pipe is sufficient to ward off corrosion for many decades; in other places ground beds are necessary.

Maintaining the integrity of the pipe also requires our engineers to consider the land use of the area after the pipeline has been laid. Land that will be developed for roads and housing places a more significant load on the pipe than undeveloped land. Land that will be plowed and cultivated also presents unique challenges. Maintaining the integrity of the pipe means considering the load when planning the line and our engineers are experts at evaluating what methods should be used to not only maintain the pipe’s integrity today but also to keep that integrity over the lifetime of the pipe.

Safety & Inspections Engineering

Melgaard Construction’s engineers work side by side with our construction crews to ensure that everything is being constructed to the original specifications and that any alterations that are needed are made according to the highest standard of quality and safety specs. Our engineers perform quality checks on the pipes, run tests, and help troubleshoot any issues that arise. For every successfully-laid pipeline, Melgaard Construction has had a bevy of engineers as part of their team.

Pipeline Engineering for Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana & Colorado

Laying a pipeline is a mammoth undertaking and our engineers are second to none when it comes to creatively, effectively, and safety planning and executing for each pipeline project we do.

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