As a result of doing business with an array of private, public, and governmental entities, we are comfortable and compliant with the necessary standards of a project. We have developed and maintained a comprehensive Safety Program, which has fostered a positive culture of safety within the workplace among our employees. We take pride in our employees and we will steadily work to ensure that they remain safe and healthy throughout their association with Melgaard Construction.

Melgaard Construction recognizes the value of constant attention to our commitment to safety, thus ensuring the well being of each employee, our many clients, and their personnel. In addition, we provide safety to the other members of the communities whom we may be involved with during a project. Before every project is started, we create and establish a safety management plan specific to the task. Knowing how to transport materials and equipment to the job site on public roads is crucial so that everyone surrounded is guaranteed their safety. Considering severe weather conditions and possible hazardous work conditions is part of our well thought out plan. We understand that every incident is preventable. If it's not safe, we won't do it.

At Melgaard Construction we believe that if there is excellence in safety, there is excellence in business. We not only make it a priority to achieve the highest level of excellence through our work, but we do it safely. We look forward to servicing our customers with professional, safe, and quality workmanship. If you have any questions or need further information, estimates, or assistance planning your projects, feel free to contact one of our representatives.

5 Star Customer Service For Every Client