Because Limestone is the most versatile rock that is naturally formed, it is the “go to” material for landscaping and construction projects. Limestone is highly preferred due to its strength, durability, and practicality. It is a very long lasting material that you can count on to function as intended with minimal maintenance or repairs.

Crushed Limestone Uses

Making Concrete
Limestone is used in concrete in order to create an attractive and durable product.

Road Base
Road bases need to be filled with a reliable aggregate material. When limestone is crushed to the right size, it is safe, affordable, and promotes a smooth and comfortable ride.

Pipe Bedding
Limestone aggregate is often used for bedding underground pipes because it is able to level and support the pipe. This type of rock doesn’t expand or contract which preserves the pipeline as well. It's also able to insulate the piping from any soil movement that could occur.

Under Slab Fill
Crushed limestone is a popular option for filling the area between the slab because it keeps the concrete level, prevents settlements cracks, and allows for proper drainage.

When a homeowner likes the idea of a gravel driveway but wants a more colorful option, they often choose limestone aggregate. Limestone provides the same benefits as gravel but adds a soothing, natural tan color.

Roofing Granules
Limestone is often used as a coating for asphalt shingles and roofing because it helps to deflect heat and protects the roof.

Benefits of Crushed Limestone

  • Versatility
  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Attractiveness
  • Durability

Melgaard Construction Provides Customizable Limestone

The subtle, natural coloration of limestone is very appealing to the eye. Using limestone will make your property be raised in value and look gorgeous. You will never be disappointed by choosing limestone as an aggregate for your construction project. Contact Melgaard Construction today at (307) 687-1600, and we can help decide and customize the grade of limestone that best suits your needs.

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