What is Fill Dirt?

If you were to dig beneath of the first layer of Earth, you would come across dirt that is known as fill dirt. Instead of organic matter, this kind of soil is made up of materials such as sand, clay, and broken down rocks.

Uses For Fill Dirt

Fill dirt has a wide variety of uses in commercial construction projects. The main reason why fill dirt is used is because it provides stability. Since there isn't any organic matter present, shifting and settling over time won't occur. The following are some of the uses that fill dirt provide.


Filling in Low Points With Fill Dirt

Property with dips and low points present owners with a variety of challenges. First of all, mowing over these areas can be a pain. These lower points are also more susceptible to flooding. Even growing and managing plants in these areas can be near to impossible. An easy solution to these problems is filling the dips and low points with fill dirt. Once this is done, grass can be planted on top or sod can be laid that your landscape blends nicely. Melgaard Construction provides their customers with high-quality fill dirt so that property owners don't have frequent problems with their land.


Building Up Landscapes With Fill Dirt

Some property owners want their land to have multiple levels of ground or maybe even hilly areas. Fill dirt is the perfect option to build up these areas. This dirt is strategically placed to add dimensions to a landscape.


Construction Using Fill Dirt

Because fill dirt doesn't shift or settle, placing houses and other buildings on top of this dirt make it safe for settlement and occupancy. Having a stable foundation prolongs that life of structures. Using fill dirt as infrastructure for roads and driveways is also a plausible option.


Septic Systems Using Fill Dirt

Many homes in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado rely on septic systems. Fill dirt is used to surround septic tanks. This makes them dependable by stabilizing the tanks in place.

Fill dirt is the answer to any construction projects that require a stable establishment. If you are looking for a construction team that can meet your standards and solve your soil problems, contact Melgaard Construction today (307) 687-1600.

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