What Is Cutting and Filling?

Cutting and filling is the action of moving Earth from one place to another in order to make the ground level. When planning a construction project, the existing conditions of the site need to be considered and analyzed. Most of the time, the site has uneven grounds that need to be taken care of before the construction can begin. Therefore, the cut and fill process is one of the first steps to take place. This is a very common technique in the construction world.

Why Melgaard Construction?

Melgaard Construction is exceptionally accurate in calculating the amount of land that needs to either be removed or added. It is important to us to reuse the soil efficiently and to help the Earth remain as unmoved as possible. In places that we take away land, we add that same soil in the areas that need to be filled. Because dirt particles are loosened and ‘fluffed’ when moved, it may be necessary to compact the soil down. One of our main priorities is to make certain that the soil is safe for foundations to be built on. This prevents the Earth from settling which can lead to cracking in the foundation.

Finding a way to import extra soil or remove excess soil is essential. Melgaard Construction is one of a kind in the sense that if you need additional soil, they not only pick out the perfect soil but bring it to the location promptly. We also haul the soil away so that unnecessary matter isn't cluttering the job site. The equipment that is used depends solely on the scope of the project, but we often rely on scrapers, dozers, and blades.

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