Pipeline & Underground Utilities for Oil & Gas

The United States is indisputably the world leader in oil and gas pipeline, with nearly five times as many miles of pipe as Russia, Canada, and China put together. At Melgaard Construction, we see this number grow each year and are proud to help provide oil and natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, and beyond.

Melgaard Construction specializes in laying pipeline for projects of every scope, from interstate transmission lines to short distribution and supply lines. We are qualified to handle every aspect of pipeline construction from trenching and welding to inspections and testing.

Trenching For Pipelines


Melgaard Construction is an area leader in laying oil and gas pipelines through even the most difficult of terrains. Our equipment includes wheel trenchers and backhoes for soil as well as chain trenchers for rock. In most cases, there is no need to reroute a pipeline due to geography once you’ve planned your route. You can rest assured that Melgaard Construction can pave the way.

Pipe Bending and Welding

Melgaard Construction employs some of the highest-quality welders in the tri-state region, and each must pass a rigorous welding test before every project. Welding processes are pre-screened, pre-approved, and tested on the exact type of pipe to be used on the project before any on-site welding begins.

Our on-site pipe benders can custom-bend the pipe to fit the unique contours of the trench as it winds through the rocky landscape, which is essential in the mountainous regions of Wyoming and Montana.

Installation & Testing Pipelines

Once the pipe is welded, experienced operators carefully work in sync to gently lay the pipe into the trench, which our crews have bedded with soft dirt or sand. We work carefully to ensure that the bedding material and the backfill that will surround the pipe conform to the highest quality standards. This includes evaluating the soil for proper composition and rejecting subsoil with large rocks, or high concentrations of clay or organic material. When the proper soil is not available, Melgaard Construction can provide sand and subsoil for proper pipe installation.

After the pipeline, has been laid and the line has been backfilled, Melgaard Construction will oversee the testing of the line.

Underground Utilities


As the transmission line passes by cities and towns, it branches into distribution pipelines and then into service pipelines that run to individual homes and businesses. These underground utilities are also an area of expertise, and our crews lay these service pipelines with the same care, efficiency, and quality-focus as we use on the most extensive interstate transmission line. If your urban project requires new pipelines to be run to a subdivision or industrial complex, call Melgaard Construction for all your underground utility needs.

Over 30 Years Of Excellence

When laying pipeline, excellence matters. In this industry, there is no room for error – and we’ve spent over 30 years ensuring that errors don’t occur. Our industry reputation is above reproach, and our experience and safe work attitude make us the best choice for your pipeline. Give us a call today to discuss your project at (307) 687-1600.



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