Melgaard Construction is proud to own and operate our mines, producing an aggregate of every primary type and grade for all your construction projects. However, we’re equally pleased to be able to serve the construction industry at large through our aggregate production designed to meet the needs of other local projects spanning the commercial and residential sectors.

What Melgaard Construction’s Aggregate Mines Provide

Melgaard Construction offers scoria, limestone aggregate, and alluvial gravel to construction projects throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. All aggregate is crushed and/or graded to the client’s specifications per the needs of the project.

Our services include:

Material Mining
Our teams extract raw materials from our mines throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana, giving you an excellent variety of aggregates to choose from. Since we tailor our mining to fit our production needs, you can rest assured that regardless of how much or little you need, we will have it stockpiled for your schedule and needs.

Depending on your need, our aggregate typically goes through at least two stages of crushing, up to four, depending on the desired size of the fragments. By operating our own equipment we are able to ensure the quality of our product and keep it affordable by cutting out the middlemen. Our team members are highly skilled and qualified professionals with the highest safety standards in the business.

After the aggregate is crushed, we carefully grade it to our customers’ specifications. Whatever grade you need, we can quickly and easily tailor our production to meet your needs.

Not all aggregate is created equal; however, at Melgaard Construction, we invest the same quality-consciousness into your product and process as we would if we were crushing our own material. When you hire Melgaard to crush your aggregate, you can be confident that you are getting only the best in the industry, because we insist on achieving the best.

Melgaard Construction will transport large volumes of aggregate to your construction site. We perform this service on a case-by-case basis, so if you desire transportation, give us a call for more information at (307) 687-1600.

Sub-Contract Crushing
Melgaard Construction owns several crushing plants, which in turn gives us the opportunity to crush for other companies. We will transport our plants to your location and crush to your specific needs with our qualified crew. All of our crushing equipment is permitted and up to code with all state, local, and governmental agencies.

Melgaard Construction is Your Supplier of Construction Aggregate & Sub-Contract Crushing

At Melgaard Construction, we’re proud to invest back into the construction industry at large through aggregate sales and supply. Our focus on quality and our ability to agilely tailor our production to your specifications make us an excellent choice for scoria, limestone, or gravel anywhere in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, or Colorado. Call us for more information at (307) 687-1600.


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