What Is Sand?

Sand is typically made up of loose, fragmented material such as decomposed rocks, corals, or shells. The diameter of grains can range anywhere between 0.06 - 2.0mm in size and usually appear to be shades of brown or orange. When sand is used, properties such as bulk and strength are given to construction materials like concrete and asphalt. In landscaping, sand can be used as a decorative material.

Sand In Mortar

Sand is also often incorporated in mortar which is a paste used to bind blocks together and fill the space between them. Sand offers a variety of properties to the mortar process including:

Sand increases the bulk volume of mortar which reduces the overall cost.

Carbon dioxide is absorbed through the voids of the sand which helps the material set effectively. Cracking during the setting process is also avoided due to the sand.

Excessive shrinkage, while the mortar is drying, is reduced when sand is used.

Because proportions are altered, the overall strength of the mortar increases which helps it become more resistant to being crushed.

Surface Area
When sand is used, the paste becomes a thin film which creates more surface area for spreading and adhering.

Why Sand?

  • It is a cheap option when compared to others.

  • The raw material is easy to find, and more importantly to mine.

  • Sand is perfect for filling in pore spaces between aggregate.

  • When sand grains fill pore spaces, the volume and density are increased which makes the overall structure stronger.

Types of Sand Used in Construction

Pit Sand
This course sand is usually red-orange in color and has a sharp/angular shape. Pit Sand is often used in concrete.

River Sand
Usually found in river banks, this fine sand appears in white and grey tones. The rounded particles are useful for the construction process.

Crushed Stone Sand/ Artificial Sand/ M Sand
Crushed stone sand is a substitute for river sand. This fine aggregate can be manufactured by grinding granite or basalt rock.

Why Melgaard Construction?

Sand is a significant and useful material in construction. Making sure that the right type and size are selected is crucial. At Melgaard Construction, we have the knowledge and experience to decipher which sand is best for you. Contact us at (307) 687-1600 for further information.

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