Why Use Topsoil?

Topsoil is the very top layer of earth which is exceptionally healthy and nutrient-rich. Topsoil is also full of organic matter and micro-organisms that facilitate plant growth. Topsoil provides a perfect place for plants to blossom, develop, and grow. Often times, topsoil is darker in color and will have a rich organic smell.

Topsoil Uses

To successfully grow crops such as flower, fruits, or vegetables, topsoil is often used. Because topsoil possesses nutrients, it helps supports gardens and fields through all stages of growth. Topsoil is often placed onto a selected area and then mixed with the previous soil.

Topsoil can benefit areas that tend to accumulate more water. Adding topsoil to these places can promote better drainage by retaining moisture; therefore, making your property healthier and look more presentable.

Product Choice

Melgaard Construction can provide you with a variety of topsoil grades including:

Premium Grade
Although this is an expensive type of grade, it is the most effective at keeping weeds away. This type of loamy topsoil is high in fertility and provides a magnificent structure.

General-Purpose Grade
This grade can be broken down into different screen size grades. Coarser grades are extremely useful for turf laying while finer grades are often used for top dressing plants.

Economy Grade
When looking for a topsoil that suits volume rather than quality, this grade is perfect for you.

Melgaard Construction can provide you with the perfect type of topsoil that best suits your needs. We can provide you with soil that contains just the right amount of organic matter. Also, we can decide which makeup of topsoil would be best for your property whether it be sandy, loamy, or clay. For questions regarding topsoil, please contact Melgaard Construction at (307) 687-1600.


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