Melgaard Construction has been working alongside oil and gas companies for decades. We understand the unique needs of this industry. Regardless of the scope of the pipeline project, all oil and gas lines require external facilities for proper functioning, monitoring, diagnosis, and repair. Melgaard Construction is proud to handle all your facilities construction needs across Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. Our 30 years of experience make us leaders in the industry, and our commitment to quality and safety shape us into the smartest choice for any project.

Melgaard Construction has comprehensive experience in pad preparation, construction, maintenance, demolition, and testing for all pipeline facilities, including the following:

Pumping/Compressor Stations

Melgaard Construction team members work with the project engineers, as the engineers identify and develop plans for central pumping stations along the pipeline route, which will vary in number depending on the terrain, the number of gas or oil wells, and the length of the pipeline.

Meter & Regulator (M&R) Stations


Meter stations allow oil and gas companies to accurately monitor the amount of substance in the pipeline at all times. Melgaard Construction has experience constructing simple meter stations as well as meter & regulator (M&R) stations, which include the additional capacity to regulate the gas or oil pressure and volume, ensuring adherence to strict safety and regulatory guidelines.

Pigging Facilities

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to maintaining a safe and effective line. We provide full construction services for all areas of the oil and gas field.

Mainline Valves / Block Valve Stations

Although sometimes considered part of the pipeline itself, these above-ground valves are separate facilities used to control the flow within the line. Constructing mainline valves alone can require a full-time crew, depending on the terrain and pipe construction.

Product Terminals

All large transmission pipelines branch into distribution pipelines, which direct the oil or gas into tanks or storage facilities for distribution to homes and businesses. These storage facilities must be carefully built with an eye for safety and comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations since they are located near densely-inhabited areas.

Melgaard Construction: First In Skill, First In Safety

When you hire Melgaard Construction, you not only receive an experienced team skilled in facility construction for oil and gas pipelines across three states, but you also retain a crew whose history of attention to detail and commitment to safety is unparalleled in Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, or Colorado. We invite you to learn more about the services we can provide for your project by contacting us today at (307) 687-1600.



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